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Welcome to www.dealsfornaija.com, the online store that gives you access to the products, at the prices and variety you deserve. Also the HOME OF FLEX SHOPPING, a new, unique, different and flexible way of online shopping for the Nigerian and African online shoppers.The Nigerian and African online shopper has always been limited to the very few online stores willing to ship to Nigeria and other African countries. The online shopper in this part of the world always sees the annoying message that says, “Sorry we do not ship to this country” We are constantly looking and craving for the variety we desperately deserve to have online. The Nigerian and African online shopper is constantly going on the European and American big brand online stores seeking for the deals of the day, looking for the new released line of products, the variety and off course the quality, only to get disappointed by the unwillingness and reluctance by the big brands stores abroad to ship to our part of the world.

Nigerians and Africans work extremely hard for their money and deserve access to the variety and the long-lasting qualities of products offered by these big brands stores and are constantly looking for ways to get our hands on them.

Well look no more! DealsForNaija is here to provide the solution for the Nigerian and African online shopper. DealsForNaija Mission Statement is “Giving the Nigerian and African online shoppers access to the best products, variety and the prices we deserve”. DealsForNaija online store provides variety we deserve and with FLEX SHOPPING unique New flexible way to shop online for the Nigerian and African customers online.


Our Services and Uniqueness -

  • Our Products - At DealsForNaija majority of the products on our online store comes from the big brands big retail stores in the USA and Europe. The products we have from China are Chinese products currently being sold to the USA and European markets as well, making them good quality because they had to pass USA and European standards. Through this effort we are able to provide our customers access to the best products, variety and prices you deserve


  • New way to shop online (Flex Shopping) - DealsForNaija provides a new, unique, different and flexible way for shopping online for the Nigerian and African customers online. Introducing FLEX SHOPPING service. Think of us as your “Professional Shoppers” online. See something you want to buy on other popular websites but the online store won’t ship or accept payment from your part of the world? With FLEX SHOPPING service you can send us the product details or link and we will purchase the product on your behalf and ship to you with no additional cost for the product. All you pay is the processing and shipping fee (FLEX SHOPPING service fee + Shipping)

  • Affordable shipping door to door service – DealsForNaija will scout and work closely with our numerous shipping partners to deliver door to door service for the products purchases on our site and for our Flex Shopping Service 

  • Bulk Orders: DealsForNaija can provide discount pricing for customers looking to purchase from our website in Bulk. Customers looking to purchase 20 units or more of any item will qualify for Bulk discount pricing

  • Our Story –

The founder and CEO for www.dealsfornaija.com was raised in Nigeria and currently lives in the United States of America.

DealsForNaija has two head offices, one located in New York, USA and the other at Kano, Nigeria and a Warehouse operations site in Lagos Nigeria.

Over the past decade, living in the U.S.A, the founder and CEO has always been linked to Nigerian businesses through family and friends, providing help, assistance and access to the products people need from the big brand stores. Through this we have established great relationship with wholesalers and suppliers in the U.S, Europe and China to find nothing but the best Products, Prices and Variety. Through DealsForNaija we are now able to offer our expertise, learned over the years as suppliers and shoppers to a wider range of online shoppers in Nigeria and Africa. NAIJA LET US FIND YOUR DEALS!!!!


Mission Statement - Giving Nigerian and African online shoppers access to the best products, variety and the prices WE deserve. NAIJA LET US FIND YOUR DEALS!!!!