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Best Chef's Kitchen Set For Girls and Boys

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Best Chef’s Kitchen Fun Lights & Sounds Electric stovetop features exciting lights and sounds! Use the special pots to activate the realistic sizzling or bubbling sounds.   Accessories Included This...

Best Chef’s Kitchen

  • Fun Lights & Sounds

    Electric stovetop features exciting lights and sounds! Use the special pots to activate the realistic sizzling or bubbling sounds.

  • Accessories Included

    This kitchen playset comes with 25 accessories to cook, serve, brew coffee, and more!

  • Realistic Appliances

    From the stovetop to refrigerator and oven, little chefs can pretend to meal prep just like their adult role models do in a real kitchen.

  • Exciting Social Play

    The open design of this play kitchen, including a fun pass-through window, allows multiple kids to play together as they engage in social play and flex their sharing skills.

  • Creativity + Role Play

    Pretend play gets kids engaged in storytelling as they act out new scenarios and communicate what imaginary things are going on – a great way to flex creativity and language skills!

  • Physical + Motor Skills

    Play kitchens present kids with so many ways to practice their motor skills, like grasping and using small accessories and utensils, opening and closing doors, and turning oven knobs.

  • Language + Social Skills

    Role playing requires kids to engage in storytelling as they make up scenarios and communicate with others about what role they’re playing. They also have to react and build off of what the other person said or did.

  • Critical Thinking

    Running into problems while playing, like trouble closing the refrigerator door when too many items are placed inside or trying to swivel the faucet over a full sink, allow children to think through problems and craft solutions.


Play Together!

• Restaurant Role Play: Be a customer in your child’s own restaurant! Let them tell you what is on the menu and place your order. Make sure to ask them lots of questions as they get cooking and give special requests to encourage their critical thinking.
• Make sharing the clean-up responsibilities fun with your little one. Pretend washing and putting dishes away when playtime is over will help foster good habits, show an example of teamwork, and a bonus in motor skill development!
• Playing with a Step2 pretend play kitchen? Pair it with one of our table and chair sets to complete your child’s mini restaurant! Our favorites include the Step2 Junior Chic 3-Piece Furniture Set™ and the Step2 3-Piece Farmhouse Table & Bench Set™.
• Cooking Show: Give your little chef 5 minutes to prep their favorite pretend meal and think out how to present it to you. Create a mini cooking show by taking video of them recreating their pretend dish, talking you through each step so you can make it too! Continue the pretend play by making “episodes” of the cooking show to watch with family and friends.


Whip up some fun with the Best Chef’s Kitchen by Step2! This play kitchen has a unique design and a fresh color scheme that both parents and kids will love. Toddlers will have a blast pretending to cook and organize their very own kitchen. The Best Chef’s Kitchen enhances interactive play and encourages little ones to develop their social skills as they share the kitchen appliances and accessories.


  • 25 Piece accessory set included
  • Recycling bin included
  • Stove burner features lights and fun sounds
  • Clicking knobs on stove top and oven for more realistic play
  • Working oven and refrigerator doors
  • Pass-thru window play
  • Ample counter space and multiple play options encourage sharing and interactive play
  • Plenty of storage space, including hooks for hanging utensils and tea/coffee cups

Product Details

  • Play Food Included: No
  • Pots/Pans/Dishes Included: Yes
  • Light Effects: Yes
  • Sound Effects: Yes

Doors Included

  • Doors Included: Yes
  • Door Opens: Yes


Weight & Dimensions

Overall - 35.8'' H x 34.375'' W x 11.5'' D

Overall Product Weight - 23.5 lb.

 From floor to stove top: 19.5"

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